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All information and tools presented within this site are intended for educational purposes. Any health, diet or exercise advice is not intended as medical diagnosis or treatment. If you think you have any type of medical condition you must seek professional advice even if you believe it may be due to diet, food or exercise.  By using our site you agree to our terms.

We do not guarantee that the information will be completely accurate. Therefore the author, publisher or and owners cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies published. It is advised that all visitors check information provided on this site with a professional source.

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We urge all our web site visitors to seek medical/professional advice before beginning any weight loss program,  exercise, training regime or any diet. When embarking on any training program we also urge people to start slowly and gradually. Always select exercises that are safe. If you experience discomfort, distress or any other symptom whilst exercising please do not continue.


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Our Services

Explanation of Terms:

“Sessions” meaning is subject to service you purchased. “Service provider” means any fitness professional either contracted, franchised, licensed or employed by VITFIT Pty Ltd. “Communication” means verbal either face to face or via phone call and/or written via sms, email , letter, social media, or any other text delivery method between client and Trainer and/or Therapist “Calendar week” means Monday to Sunday.

Personal / Group Fitness Training (“training)

Personal Trainer is not a medical professional and is without the expertise to diagnose medical conditions or impairments. Client agrees to promptly and fully disclose to Trainer any injury, condition or impairment which may have a deleterious effect on or be impacted by this training program and the Trainer’s decision to discontinue training because of any condition which presents an adverse risk or threat to the health or safety of the Client, the Trainer or others shall be conclusive.

Technical Cues and Physical contact

Training requires a certain amount of physical contact between Trainer and Client to ensure proper technique is emphasized this may include touching the client’s body parts directly. Client understands that verbal consent will be initially sought but no guarantees are made that such consent will be sought on every occasion.


Appointments / Group Sessions may be conducted in the fitness center, studio or the privacy of the client’s home, or at any other location as mutually agreed from time to time. The client is reminded that distractions such as children, telephones, etc., may affect consistent efforts and results.

Workout Rules:

  • You may be asked to leave our premises or premises we work out at if you disrespect the following rules:
  • If you have dripped sweat on the equipment or floor you must wipe it clean using the spray and paper towel provided by the courtesy stations.
  • When using any piece of equipment or floor it’s compulsory to have a towel.
  • Closed toe footwear is a must in all areas! Flip flops and sandals will not be accepted!
  • Please wear appropriate athletic footwear and loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate ease of movement.
  • Proper nutrition and adequate rest are essential to this training program and Client must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time during the training Session.
  • To get the most out of each session, please be ready to exercise at the appointed time.

Massage treatments

Clients will be provided with manual therapy treatment, in order to take in effect following outcomes: alleviate muscular pains, alleviate muscular tension, alleviate postural distortions, help recover from chronic soft tissue injuries, promote faster recovery between personal training sessions or help decrease stress as a cause of muscular tensions. VITFIT Pty Ltd does not guarantee the treatment will going to “fix” or fully recover any of the above listed. Treatment may result in temporary muscular pain next day when remedial or sports massage manual therapy techniques are applied.

Health fund rebates eligibility

Clients will be eligible to claim health fund rebate for services provided by depending on therapist’s/ trainers eligibility and eligibility of client’s private health insurance cover. When eligible, the client will be provided with a receipt with provider details and be able to claim through their private health insurance provider directly.

Online Programs

Please click here to read our Terms & Conditions for all of our “Online based programs” such as “Project You” program or any other website based information services.

Scheduling Cancellations, Rescheduling, and Payments

  • 24 hours notice of cancellation or reschedule request is required otherwise your session fee will be forfeited.
  • Personal training programs work on 6 weeks commitment periods with pre-payment in advance or direct debit arrangement, no pay, no training.
  • Online training programs work require pre-payment in advance or direct debit arrangement.
  • 12 hours notice of cancellation or reschedule request for follow up calls with your coach.
  • Group Training is based on a set schedule as advertised. We reserve the right to change training schedule as required from time to time.


We respect your privacy, your personal details will maintain confidential be securely stored and only be accessible by relevant representatives of VITFIT Pty Ltd,  it’s employees and/or contracted staff. To read full disclosure on what data we collect, how we use it and how we protect please click here > Privacy Terms

Media Release

We may occasionally take photographs/ images/video of our trainers in action (including you the client) in order to develop content later used for promotional purposes. We’ll try our best to get your OK beforehand but this may not always be possible. We reserve the right to use these photographs/images for marketing purposes without payment.

Acknowledgement of Risks, Injury, and Obligations

You acknowledge that the activities you to undertake have potential dangers and by participating in them you expose to certain risks. You acknowledge and understand that whilst following any prescribed exercise program by VITFIT:

  • You advise to the best of your knowledge that your health and medical condition will not preclude you in any way from undertaking a program of exercises developed for you by VITFIT Personal trainer/s
  • Training will involve physical activity and, as appropriate, use of certain equipment and machinery. Such activities may present a risk of injury or even death. Client voluntarily agrees to participate in these activities and to assume all risk of personal injury, death and property damage resulting from such activities, use of equipment, machinery or public or private facilities.
  • Any physical conditions You may have, of which You may or may not be aware, of which You may or may not have disclosed to us, may be aggravated or worsened by Your participation.
  • Other persons participating in our physical training activities may cause you injury or may damage your property.
  • The conditions in which activities are conducted may vary without warning.
  • You confirm that should you become aware of any condition that may affect your participation in any exercise program You will advise us trainer of such condition.
  • You consent to voluntarily engage in the exercise program as directed and understand your responsibility for any accidents or damage caused by misuse of equipment or facilities.

Release and Indemnify VITFIT

In consideration of the acceptance of your payment for use of any of our training and/or recovery and or nutrition services, You agree to release and indemnify VITFIT and it’s staff as follows:

  • You participate in the activities at your sole risk and responsibility.
  • You release, indemnify and hold harmless VITFIT Pty Ltd its servants and agents, from and against all and any actions or claims which may be made by you or on your behalf or by other parties for or in respect of arising out of any injury, loss, damage or death caused to you or your property whether by negligence, breach of contract or in any way whatsoever.


No implied warranties or representations are made other than those expressly contained herein and this document contains all of the terms of the Agreement between the parties. VITFIT Pty Ltd expressly notes that results will differ for clients based upon various factors including without limitation; body type, nutrition, etc. and no guarantees of results are possible.